Extraordinary Minister

Contact Lulu Laxa
 Tel: 514-729-6120

Youth Ministry

Contact Sherin Velauthapillai  |  Tel: 514-554-9516

Knights of Columbus

Contact  Victor Di Lena
  Tel: 514-993-3046


Paul Angelicola, Dina Di Murro,
Giovanni Goffredo,Massimo Mandato, 
Franco Paolella,Connie Triassi,

Music Ministry

Contact Denny Westphal
  Tel: 450-669-4952

Social Committee

Contact Patty

Altar Servers

Massimo Mandato,Giordano Mandato

3542 Rosemont Blvd, Montreal, Qc H1X 1K8  | or

  Tel: 514-376-4537 or 514-376-8183 or 514-374-6849 Fax: 514-374-2401

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